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    In The Begining

    In January  2018 Bug's GreenStone began developimg a very unusual type of landscaping product that to date has been overwhelmingly received with high enthusiasim and acceptance. The founders realize that the name of the company is unusual but we wanted to honor our granddaughter who had just recovered from catastrophic brain surgery.  Thankfully,  Hanna is now  on the "Sunny Side of the Mountain"  and is very active in our family  business.

    An Idea Was Born

    Stepping Stones have been around ever since the dawn of time.  Bug's GreenStone is the first company in the United States to combine the all natural look of synthetic turf into a stepping stone. The high quality and natural look and feel of today's artificial turf has reached a perfection level that was not available just a few years ago.  Bug's GreenStone  wanted to create a unique MAINTENANCE FREE landscape product and we have achieved our goal with the introduction of our unique artificial turf stepping stone.

    Creative and Useful

    Today, Bug's GreenStone is proud to introduce our line of distinctly unique stepping stones that would make any landscape project look beautiful.

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